Maze Racing Robots

Maze Racing Robots, developed by Abstract Worlds Ltd in 2011, is a downloadable game app for Samsung Internet@TV, the internet ready Smart TV app platform. The game is available on the Samsung App Store.

Watch robots race against each other to solve the mazes, or race against a robot yourself. This game features replayability, randomly generated maze levels, both interactive and sit back and watch game modes, 3D graphics and animations, and robot artificial intelligence, all in an app just over 1MB in size! Developed in Javascript, HTML4 and CSS (when the Samsung Smart TV platform first launched, it only supported HTML up to version 4, Javascript and CSS).

When sitting back and watching the robots race, guess (individually or as a group) which robot will win. If you are studying form, the left robot tends to turn left, and the right robot tends to turn right, this can help you make a more informed decision based on the maze designs for the current race.

When racing against a robot, you control the robot on the left using the Up, Down, Left, Right and Enter (to stop) buttons on your remote control. The Return button brings back the menu.

But don't forget, there is plenty of fun to be had just sitting back and watching the robots race. After all, plenty of people watch horse racing, whereas not all of those people want to be jockeys!

Mazes are randomly generated to provide an almost limitless variety of mazes. Robot AI (Artificial Intelligence) helps the robots solve the mazes.

Features replayability, both "sit back and enjoy" and interactive game modes, 3D graphics and animations, randomly generated maze levels and robot artificial intelligence.

The procedural maze generation and maze AI solving Javascript code classes for Maze Racing Robots were actually code that was re-used and Java to Javascript translated from Abstract Worlds' StrangeMaze 3D Java J2ME mobile game developed 9 years earlier in 2002.

Maze Racing Robots Videos with commentary

Introduction to Maze Racing Robots on YouTube


A Closer View of Maze Racing Robots on YouTube (HD)

Maze Racing Robots Playable Web Demo

Update August 2019: Haven't got a Samsung Internet@TV device? Not to worry, you can now play the game in your desktop or mobile web browser. We've done a quick hack to get the code running on standard browsers so you can get a feel for the game. It is still very much a TV remote control driven game, but the web demo provides clickable/touchable grey remote control buttons on screen for mobiles/desktops and keyboard control (arrows, enter, escape) for desktops. Just click here: web-demo.